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Treatment Facility



Treatment unit of utility water took into operation to meet requirements of utility water of zone  in 1992 is along Ceyhan River being 4,5 km far away from the zone. Capacity of facility is 800 lt/sec. Water from Ceyhan River is treated and then pumped to 2 pcs water tanks of 6000 mand 1 pcs 4000 m3 and distributed to factories in zone. Since the facility is taken into operation, water is distributed uninterruptedly. Total capacity of water manufacture is 25.000.000 mannually. There are 330 water subscribers in the zone. Control of counters of the firms subscribed for water and audit and billing are practiced by this unit.

Emre OCAK 

Director of Water Treatment Plants 
Tel: +90 322 393 49 43 - 393 40 42
E-mail: eo@adanaorganize.org.tr

Durmuş Ali POLAT

Potable Water Operations Supervisor 
Tel: +90 322 393 49 43 - 393 40 42
E-mail: dp@adanaorganize.org.tr


AHSOSB treatment facility of drain water which treats domestic and industrial waste water raising from factories and facilities in Adana Organized Industrial Zone is comprised of Physical, Chemical and Biological units. Facility is designed as 3 (three) phase since it is considered that industry may not be established as future of expected total capacity on the date facility be completed. Capacity is 18.000 m3/ days on Phase 1 and as 18.000 m3/ days on Phase 2 and as 36.000 m3/ days on Phase 3. Current investment cost of treatment facility is14,5 billion. Since all works about construction and 36000 m3/ days capacity of mechanical works are completed, daily capacity of facility vary from 17000 m3/ days to 20000 m3/ days. Our facility of drain water treatment serving under 240 firms manufacturing in our zone treats complex waste water for which sector determination can  not be applied from area and  waste water treated in our facility is discharged to receiving environment (Ceyhan River) in accordance with standards of Table 19 of Water Pollution Control Regulations.


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