Türk Sanayisi'nin Güney'deki Üssü

Science Development Directorate



  • Allocating land to entrepreneurs willing to build a facility to our region,
  • Following title deed and transfer transactions, works of serving incentive certificates and certificate of domicile,
  • Performing building license procedures and supervising operations,
  • Performing occupancy permit procedures and supervising operations,
  • Performing building audit procedures and supervising operations,
  • Registering Non-sanitary enterprises and performing work permit procedures and supervising operations,
  • Performing transactions of National Address Database,
  • Performing transactions of region's Existing Map and Cadastre Locating,
  • Performing nationalization operations,
  • Preparing, submitting and operating construction plans and its modifications,
  • Preparing, submitting and operating subdivision plans and its modifications,
  • Performing land registration procedures,
  • Performing land application procedures and supervising operations,
  • Preparing, operating and supervising Zoning Status Documents,
  • Location determination of region and performing topography procedures, supervising operations are primary duties.


Operation sequence after our industrialist's land allocation;

  1. Zoning Status document belonging to the allocated land, sketch of application and road elevation reports are received from our Regional Directorate.
  2. Soil investigation report and its dimensional drawings are prepared.
  3. Environmental Impact Assessment report according to area of activity.
  4. Preliminary architectural projects of the facility are prepared and are submitted to our Regional Science Development Directorate.
  5. Architectural operation projects, static-ferroconcrete projects, landscape projects, mechanical projects, fire system projects, electricity projects are prepared.
  6. Projects are submitted by making an agreement with a building audit company, which is active in our city being authorized in accordance with the law No. 4807.
  7. Unless "building own facility" provision is included among the area of activity, an agreement is made with a contractor in order for Building License Application to our Regional Directorate.
  8. 20% of building audit charge is deposited to Adana Organized Industrial Zone building audit blocked account.
  9. A document indicating "the company has no overdue tax debits" is received from Income Tax Department.
  10. After receiving building license, construction working place notification is made by applying to Social Security Organization and the construction is commenced.
  11. After the construction is completed, building use permit license (residential usage license) is received from our Regional Directorate.


Registering non-sanitary enterprise and Receiving Work Permit;

Necessary procedures are performed in accordance with area of activity of the facility and applied to our Regional Directorate in order for registering non-sanitary enterprise and to receive Work Permit License.


Science and Development Manager
Tel: +90 322 394 54 54 (dahili 205)
E-mail: bt@adanaorganize.org.tr

Mehmet Ali YILMAZ

Cadastral Map-Chief
Tel: +90 322 394 54 54 (dahili 123)
E-mail: may@adanaorganize.org.tr

Levent Cengiz AYVAZOĞLU

Chief of Licensing and Permissions
Tel: +90 322 394 54 54 (dahili 120)
E-mail: lca@adanaorganize.org.tr


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