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Energy Operation



AOSB provides its electricity energy from kv Misis TM 154/31,5 belong to TEİAŞ (Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation). This energy is served under our industrials by means of 1 pcs Main Distribution Center,12 pcs distribution centers, 31,50 kv energy transmission line of double circuit of 33 km, 31,50 kv distribution line of single circuit of 50 km and lighting lines on AOSB Distribution System of 30 kv. Maintenance and repair works required industrials to use energy uninterruptedly, safely and quality are practiced as necessary. Service of electricity management is continued for 24 hours continuously. AOSB being one of the biggest organized industrial zones of the country has a significant distribution system and it is operated by about 1% loss / leakage. This result is honor of AOSB.

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Energy Manager
Tel: +90 322 394 54 54  (Dahili 226)
E-mail: sg@adanaorganize.org.tr


Energy Management  Authority 
Tel: +90 322 394 54 54  (Dahili 224)
E-mail: kz@adanaorganize.org.tr


In accordance with 1a1 Paragraph of Article 7 of "Energy Efficiency Law" issued on official gazette numbered as 26510 and dated on 02.05.2007, "Energy management unit is established to serve to industrial business having energy consumption less than 1000 TEP (Tone equivalent of Oil) in organized industrials zone."

In accordance with 3 Paragraph of Article 9 of "Regulations to Increasing Efficiency of Energy Resources and Energy Usage " issued on official gazette numbered as 27035 and dated on 25.10.2008, "Energy management unit under responsibility of energy manager  is established to do works for industrial business having energy consumption less than 1000 TEP annually in organized industrials zone. At least two technical personnel except energy manager work in this unit".

In accordance with relevant law and regulation mentioned above, Energy Management Unit is established in Adana Hacı Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone on 2009, technical personnel receive relevant certificate and equipments required for energy research are purchased by support of Çukurova Development Agency.

Within this scope, saving potential is provided in amount of about 2.000.000 TL and about 1000 people are trained within the scope of Social Awareness about energy Efficiency  presenting Energy Efficiency Research Measurement and Trainings in 15 industrial business chosen from 5 different sector within the borders of organized industrial zone.

Our Measuring Devices for Energy Efficiency of Energy Management Unit are as follows;

-  Temperature, relative humidity, thermal transmittance coefficient meter
-  Luxmeter
-  Tachymeter
-  Sound level meter
-  Thermal camera
-  Conductivity meter
-  Clamp meter
-  Stamp trap test device
-  Infrared temperature meter
-  Ultrasonic flow meter
-  Electricity Energy Analyzer
-  Flue gas analyzer and probe

In industrial business in AOSB, by increasing efficiency of energy;

1- costs of manufacture to decrease,
2- power of competition to increase,
3- incomes of business to increase,
4- marketability of products to increase,
5- market share of domestic and overseas to increase are targeted.

Training about Energy Efficiency Research Measurement and Social Awareness may be provided to industrial business having energy consumption less than 1000 TEP in zone, if requested.


Energy Operations Chief 
Tel: +90 322 394 54 54  (Dahili 187)
E-mail: enerji@adanaorganize.org.tr


Natural Gas; is started to be used as of January 2006 in our zone. Directorate of Natural Gas Operation supplies gas used in industry and provides its distribution into zone safely and continuously.

In our zone, we have two stations as RMS-A/1 having 75000 Nm3/ h 35-70 bar inlet and 12-19 outlet and RMS-A2 having 30000 Nm3/ h 35-70 bar inlet and 30 outlets. A2 station is used for need of a company who manufactures energy with cogeneration. 10800 mt steel line and 42000 mt polyethylene line in different dimensions between 2" and 12" in our zone. With these lines, RMS-B station having 3-4 bar outlet of 3 pcs 9000  Nm3/ h and1 pcs 5000 Nm3/ h is operated and there is two  B type stations of  9000  Nm3/ h to be mounted and operated in case of capacity increase. Firms who have completed their infrastructure benefit from gas distributed to zone lines by infrastructure aforementioned.

Since 2007, periodical maintenance instructions are generated for RMS/B and C type stations of natural gas subscriber and periodical maintenance of our subscribers' stations is practiced by our certificated operation team without any charge by supplying necessary spare parts. If it is necessary to change material during in consideration of maintenance, charges of only materials being changed are billed to firms and significant added-value is provided to industrials in this term. Periodical maintenance continues regularly with all factors related to business required to provide natural gas service more safely and economical, neater and for 24 hours without interruptions.

To maintain infrastructure and upper structure distribution system of natural gas and to provide its physical structure work continuously and non-intrusiveness of system in our zone is main responsibility of our unit.


Natural Gas Operations Chief 
Tel: +90 322 394 54 54 - 394 50 40 (Dahili 187)
E-mail: dogalgaz@adanaorganize.org.tr

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